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“It is very important to talk to others who have the same concerns. We can learn from each other.”

– Continuity Care Member

Continuity Care works effectively and compassionately in partnership with families, community, government and service providers to help families plan for an enriched quality of life for their loved one with an intellectual disability.

Through our services and support, we help you turn your fears and worries about the future into positive, concrete plans, giving your family peace of mind. Families can join Continuity Care as members, gaining access to our:

  • lending library of helpful resources
  • special members-only events
  • complementary registration to all our workshops and seminars
  • and more!

Your membership is a critical way we fund and strengthen our high-quality services, ensuring we can continue to provide families with the tools and resources they need now to plan effectively for the future.

You can also join us as a board member, event volunteer, or a committee member – or donate directly to Continuity Care, helping cover our yearly operating costs and maintain the quality of our services.

Membership Plans

There are plans to suit every family, person or agency – read on to find out about each plan and how to join us as a member today.