Board and Staff

Board and Staff

Continuity Care’s volunteer Board of Directors provides governance, financial oversight and operating support to the organization. Board Members ensure our
operations, services and supports are aligned with our core mission and values.

Some of our current board members are founding members of Continuity Care, a testament to the dedication of our volunteers to fulfilling our mission and helping families.

Some of our board members are also parents or siblings of a person with a disability, while others are active in the community and enjoy sharing their skills and time to serve Manitoba families. Our board meets once a month and hosts an Annual General Meeting for the public and our community.

Board members are elected on an annual basis. If you are interested in volunteering your time by joining our Board, please contact us for more details!

Our 2021-22 Board of Directors


  • Sherry Desilets– Parent (joined the board in November 2014)
Past President
  • Karen Leggat – Sibling and business owner, Cropo Funeral Chapel (joined the Board in 2007)
  • Jo Verstraete – Community Member, Retired CSP at St. Amant (joined the Board in June 2001)
  • Nick Paulley – Cousin, CPA and Accounting Supervisor for Richardson International Ltd. (joined the Board in November 2021)


Community Members

  • Jeoff Chipman – President and CEO, Stephenson Group Inc. and former Vice Chair of Continuity Care’s Capital Campaign (joined the Board in 2007)
  • Terry Williams – Retired from Child and Family Services (joined the Board in April 2011)
  • Krista Clendenning – Estate Planning Lawyer, Tradition Law LLP (joined the Board in November 2018)
  • Kim Thiessen – Occupational Therapist, SSCY at The Rehab Centre for Children & Intake Coordinator with the SSCY/Winnipeg Children’s Therapy Initiative (joined the Board in June 2020)

Family Members

  • Merv Gunter – Sibling and business owner, Frontiers North (joined the Board in June 1995)
  • Jane Schledewitz – Sibling (joined the Board in September 2005)
  • Art Hock – Parent (joined the Board in September 2004)


“Listening and engaging with families is who we are. Whether we are providing relevant information, support, or even just a listening ear – these tasks continue. We are reaching new families all the time, who we are able to connect with others in similar situations. As a family member myself, it is very powerful to feel heard and understood. We learn from each other.”

– Karen Leggat, Past Board President


We may be a small organization, but we are effective! We pride ourselves on making one-to- one connections with our members and families to create lasting support networks and plans for each person.

Currently, our staff team includes:

  • Suzanne Swanton – Executive Director
  • Patti Makinson – Office Administrator
  • Jayda Taylor – Member Support and Outreach Facilitator