How we are Funded

Our donors and partners

Continuity Care’s annual income is primarily funded through our Endowment Fund, grants, fundraising events and individual donations.

Our partnerships with the True North Youth Foundation and The Winnipeg Foundation are critical ways we raise and manage our funds, and plan and implement our main fundraising events.

In addition, we are grateful to the Winnipeg Foundation, The Thomas Sill Foundation and The Royal Bank of Canada, the Cardinal Foundation and MCSC (Manitoba community services council) who have all provided substantial, one-time grants to Continuity Care.

Fundraising events

Continuity Care also holds several key fundraising events throughout the year. These are special opportunities for members, non-member families and the public to come together in fun, memorable ways to support our services and core operations.

Major fundraising events like the popular Annual Mike Keane Celebrity Hockey Classic and our Family Bingo Nights are fun, successful and essential ways we contribute to our Endowment Fund. Visit our Events page or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information on taking part in these fun, family-friendly fundraisers!

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