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"How can I invest in a safer, more secure future for my family member?"

Donate Now Through!\ To make a secure donation online right now, simply click on the "Donate Now" button on the right.
To make a gift to our Endowment Fund click on the "Winnipeg Foundation" button on the left. This will take you directly to the Winnipeg Foundation donation page.


You many choose to invest now by:
  • contributing a cash donation or cash equivalents (e.g. GICs and Treasury Bills).
  • making a donation through the United Way with Continuity Care as the designated organization.
  • contributing gifts-in-kind such as real estate, securities, personal property.
  • donating the cash value of a Life Insurance Policy.
  • contribute an interest-free loan where the gift is the interest that the principal generates.
You may choose to consider deferred investments for use some time in the future:

For example:

  • make a bequest, providing instruction in your will for the executor to distribute a specific amount to Continuity Care.
  • take out a life insurance policy in the name of Continuity Care.
  • set-up a Charitable Remainder Trust, which is a donation placed in trust with the income going to the designated person and the remainder being paid to Continuity Care upon their death.
  • contribute a gift of residual interest which equals an asset (e.g. a house or work of art) which provides for the lifetime use by the donor.


Explore other ways with your investment counselor on how you can design an investment option that works best for you.

(Note: A deferred investment is known as Planned Giving. It is a process of designing gifts from accumulated assets rather than from current income so that you, the donor, realize your objective while maximizing tax and other financial benefits. It provides the satisfaction of making a direct gift to the future of Continuity Care. It can be a part of your estate planning. It can improve your real income and protect assets from capital gains and other taxes.)

Some things to remember:
Continuity Care does not rely on government funding. We need your assistance to make us financially secure. A donation to the Continuity Care Endowment Fund, managed by The Winnipeg Foundation, will help sustain our organization. The Foundation has years of experience managing donations and will issue you a charitable tax receipt.

Continuity Care supports families in planning a safer and more secure future for their relative with a disability. By working effectively in partnership with families, community, government and service providers, Continuity Care ensures that families develop a future plan and assists them in making that plan become a reality. As an organization, Continuity Care needs to be available in perpetuity for families.

Continuity Care is a non-profit organization formed by a group of dedicated parents, siblings and citizens who want to assist other families plan for their relative with a disability and to be there for the person when others are no longer able to.

Continuity Care supports a family to:
  • plan their estate and make a will,
  • place their family member outside of the family home, now, while they are able to assist and monitor the situation,
  • write a Portfolio or story about who their loved-one is, now, so that future supports and staff understand how to best meet their needs,
  • do some person centred planning such as MAPS and a PATH,
  • facilitate the establishment of a Sharing Circle. The more people who are interested in and come in contact with your family member, the safer he or she will be.

Investing in Continuity Care is like investing in a secure future for your family member. Please contact our office today, either by telephone at 204-779-1679, or by email ( to discuss how you can participate more fully. You may contact our partner, The Winnipeg Foundation and they will also be pleased to help you.

"It is very important to talk to others who have the same concerns. We can learn from each other."

Download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

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